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Bidinfluence stands as an SSP specializing in the dynamic monetization of mobile applications through high-quality programmatic video ads.

Our expertise extends beyond apps to websites and diverse publishers, offering various ad formats tailored to multiple screens and verticals. Our journey began in 2018, evolving into a team of adtech professionals sharing a unified vision. Committed to enhancing monetization opportunities for both mobile and web publishers, bidinfluence delivers a comprehensive SSP experience driven by real-time data.

Years of dedicated AI and machine learning development culminate in a technically superior solution. Our platform empowers mobile and web publishers, media owners, and app developers, facilitating effective ad delivery across screens, formats, and verticals.

Explore the realm of dynamic monetization with bidinfluence – Your Easy Path to Monetization in Motion.

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Tech-oriented team

Bidinfluence core value

Bidinfluence aims to help product owners get the most out of monetization. We are interested in the successful performance of each integration and each ad impression
One of the pillars of bidinfluence and Programmatic Advertising is transparency. Our partners manage their ad prices and receive real-time performance reports
Innovative approach
Innovative approach
Using years of experience and knowledge, we have developed our AI and ML-based solutions that help our partners monetize their products with programmatic ads

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