Take full advantage
of video monetization

Maximize your revenue potential through comprehensive
video monetization strategies

Monetization in motion
Monetization in motion

Why monetize your product using video ads?

Harness the power of video monetization and maximize
your product’s revenue potential with bidinfluence

Higher revenue potential

Earn more for each ad impression by utilizing video ads, as they typically provide higher eCPM compared to other ad formats, benefiting website and app owners

Increased engagement

Involve your audience in the video ads to create maximum engagement heading to yield growth

Improved user experience

Improve the user experience using video ads with exciting and relevant content

Growing demand

Gain advantage using video monetization as it is one of the most fastest-growing areas

Monetize your app with outstanding ad formats


Full-screen, interactive ads
at natural transition points

Native Ads

Efficient and non-intrusive ads with excellent CTR

Video Ads

Engaging, high-quality video
ads for the highest engagement

Mobile Rich Media

Interactive promotion with engaging features

Audio Ads

Non-intrusive advertisement with a tailored experience

In-App Ads

Engaging ads for driving in app revenue

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How to monetize

Video ads domination

Bidinfluence leading monetization solution

Monetize with Impact
Monetize with Impact
Unlock bidinfluence's leading video monetization solutions and tap into new revenue streams
Video Mastery
Video Mastery
Harness the power of engaging video ads to optimize your monetization strategy
Quality Ad Boost
Quality Ad Boost
Increase your ad revenue with high-quality video ad formats that captivate your audience
Personalized Ads
Personalized Ads
Benefit from advanced options to deliver relevant video ads to your viewers
Player Compatibility
Player Compatibility
Enjoy seamless integration and compatibility with popular video players and platforms
Optimize Revenue
Optimize Revenue
Leverage bidinfluence's analytics and tools optimize video monetization performance

Integration types that fits your goal

JS tags

JS tags

Easily monetize your website
or app

Open RTB

Open RTB

Tap into a global marketplace of advertisers

Vast tags

Vast tags

Seamlessly deliver video ads to your viewers on any device



Ensure you always get the best price for your inventory

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