Monetize your app with bidinfluence SSP

Our partners get the opportunity to maximize their revenue
by monetizing their products with HQ video and static ads

Dynamic monetization

Why monetize your app with programmatic ads?

Harness the power of programmatic monetization and maximize your app’s revenue potential with bidinfluence

Higher revenue

Real-time bidding generates higher income for app developers

Targeted advertising

Data-driven targeting allows
for more effective advertising


Automated process makes ad-
buying faster and more efficient

Data-driven insights

Analytics provide data-driven decisions for advertising strategy

Mobile app market will continuously grow and reach $935 billion in revenue in 2023
There are more than 6.3B smartphone users worldwide; it will continue growing to reach 7.6B by 2027
Global programmatic ad spend is expected to reach $558 million in 2023 – almost double from 2019

Monetize your app with outstanding ad formats


Full-screen, interactive ads
at natural transition points

Native Ads

Efficient and non-intrusive ads with excellent CTR

Video Ads

Engaging, high-quality video
ads for the highest engagement

Mobile Rich Media

Interactive promotion with engaging features

Audio Ads

Non-intrusive advertisement with a tailored experience

In-App Ads

Engaging ads for driving in app revenue

Integration types that fits your goal

JS tags

JS tags

Easily monetize your website
or app

Open RTB

Open RTB

Tap into a global marketplace of advertisers

Vast tags

Vast tags

Seamlessly deliver video ads to your viewers on any device



Ensure you always get the best price for your inventory

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How to monetize
a mobile app?

Extended features

Bidinfluence’s suite of actionable features

Increase your app’s potential with bidinfluence’s SSP, a powerful tool that helps developers maximize their revenue potential

Get complete control of the entire
monetization process

Bidinfluence partners can easily add and control their supply sources. Choose only suitable buyers for your ad placements, evaluate the benefits of convenient inventory management, and be confident in the platform’s transparency

  • Easy inventory management
  • Customizable rules and filters
  • Convenient platform interface
  • Blacklists, whitelists, allowed domains

Evaluate the power of data-driven decisions

Bidinfluence SSP’s dashboard panel helps publishers better understand and process the analytics of ad impressions using real-time data

  • Real-time reporting
  • Easily customizable charts

Better develop your website while we take care
of ad revenue optimization!

We’ve equipped bidinfluence’s SSP with a powerful toolset of built-in instruments that ensure stable system operation and automatic monetization optimization for publishers’ revenue

  • SSP&DSP inspector
  • oRTB validator
  • AI optimizer
  • System monitoring tools

Say goodbye to complicated and incomprehensible platforms!

We’ve put a lot of effort into developing a user-friendly platform with an intuitive design and thoughtful user interface to make publishers feel comfortable

  • A clear structure of the admin panel
  • Everything you need is always at your fingertips
  • Easy step-by-step adding of inventory

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