Company in the processing of personal data is governed by applicable law in England, international treaties, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection – European Union General Data Protection Regulation, 2016/679 and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The Company is not the Owner of personal data within the meaning of the law, but acts as a third party that processes data in accordance with the Company’s existing contractual relationship with the Owners of personal data.

The procedure for processing data transferred to the Company on legal grounds for temporary use is carried out in accordance with the agreements and / or agreements concluded by the Company on such transfer with the Owner of personal data or the authorized person of the Owner.

The Company is not the Owner or Administrator of personal data, does not independently collect personal information about individuals – personal data subjects and does not obtain their consent for the processing of personal data. The Company is a third party within the meaning of the law and processes data to the extent and for the purpose specified in the contractual relationship with the Owner of personal data and / or his legal representative.

The legal basis for data processing by the Company is the existence of a written contractual relationship between the Company and third parties under current international law.

Data means information required by the Company in connection with its own business activities.

Any data provided to the Company, including information about an individual that constitutes a trade secret and confidential information, shall not be disclosed or transmitted in any form to individuals or legal entities without the permission of the Owner, unless otherwise specified by the parties to the agreement.

Recognizing the importance of protecting confidential information about minors, the Company does not collect, process or use any information relating to persons who are known to be under 16 years of age.